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Fingerprint recognition

Orwell 2K City

The Orwell 2k City detects and identifies events or targets which may pose a threat to a facility or urban infrastructure. This system is developed to provide real-time response with fast and effective investigative function.

Orwell 2K Perimeter

This system is scalable to secure the perimeters of facilities or borders, allowing for real-time response with the highest accuracy and long distance detection in the industry.

Orwell NVR

The Orwell NVR economy model provides a flexible interface with all of the Orwell 2k amenities, but with limited analytics as a cost effective option.

Orwell Cinema

Orwell 2k Cinema identifies viewers, their actions and their belongings in a movie theatre. All information is archived for easy access.

Orwell 2k Traffic

Orwell 2k Traffic system can identify all types of traffic violations. It can be coupled with ticketing systems to provide automated ticket payments and more efficient revenue production. It may also reduce traffic violations and accidents.

Orwell 2k LPR

This system offers state of the art license plate recognition coupled with vehicle type recognition for an additional level of accuracy.

Orwell 2k SeaGuard

Orwell 2k SeaGuard is the integration of the highly effective Orwell 2k Perimeter with advanced motion algorithms. This combination provides all the top level analytics of Orwell 2k Perimeter but without the false alarms from water movement. This system is designed for advanced security for seaports, boats and bridges.

Orwell 2k Barrier

Orwell 2k Barrier detects objects thrown, and identifies the thrower to increase safety and security while reducing operating costs.


Orwell-R is an analytic radar surveillance solution for high risk facilities. An Orwell-R system identifies and informs an operator of the presence, location and speed of humans and vehicles. Orwell analytics allow a single operator to monitor an area of over 90 square kilometers with greater accuracy than other non-Orwell systems can monitor a 5 square kilometer area.

Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition, part of the Access Control and Working Time Records (ACWTR) system, provides the ability for personnel tracking and increased overall security. It is a fast and intelligent security solution that is designed to control and monitor access to restricted areas, the amount of time at a workstation, and general protection from intruders.


Main information

Orwell 2k video analysis


Orwell 2k systems offer significant advantages through the use of innovative technologies.

Orwell 2k is a video surveillance system with computer vision.

Orwell 2k video analytics employs unique algorithms to automate the detection of targets and situations.

The system has an intuitive user-friendly interface




Parking Lot

Value generating

Seaport object security

Home security



High risk, long range detection of possible intrusion, theft, vandalism, and damage.

Real-time detection and identification of safety threats by people, objects and vehicles in areas of high traffic.

Parking Lot and access control, personnel tracking, perimeter and indoor NVR solution.

License plate, vehicle type, fingerprint and RFID identification. Restriction and archiving of all events in a parking lot, at the entrance and exit with detailed images of driver face and vehicle license plate.

Identification of traffic violations and license plates coupled with trafficking system provides high revenue for client.

High risk, long range detection of possible intrusion, theft, vandalism, and damage.


Scaled system with Orwell 2k City analytics and event archiving. Images and videos of threats are viewable from handheld device.

Detection and documentation of all patrons, objects and events in cinema halls. Solution of accounting and security issues.

The combination of multiple Senesys security solutions for total, smart surveillance.