Video analysis - a program logic system based on video image analysis.




– Multiple implementations around the world (Israel, UK, USA, Kazakhstan, etc.);

– victories in comparative test contests;

– positive feedback from users and experts;

– positive results of tests on the customers’ premises.

Main information


– 24/7 all-weather guarding of perimeter, territory of objects and their approaches;

– imaging of all targets and situations on the object map (Video Analytic Map technology);

– automatic detection and classification of targets (humans, vehicles) and alarm situations (ignition, fumigation, abandoned object, object being thrown over, etc.);

– transmission of the video data to the operator in a real-time mode.

Orwell 2k video analysis


– Detection and classification of targets (humans, vehicles, vessels, etc.);

– detection of red light passing and movement in prohibited direction;

– detection of objects being thrown over the fence;

– detection of image darkening;

– automatic target pointing and tracking by rotary video cameras;

– detection of camera being covered;

– counting of targets crossing virtual barrier;

– license plate number recognition;

– detection of abandoned objects and static targets;

– adaptive switching between day/ night modes;

– detection of ignition and fumigation;

– representation of all events on the object map (Videoanalytic Map proprietory technology ) and others.