Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition network of Access Control and Working Time Records (ACWTR) system gives wide opportunities for personnel tracking and security. Access to restricted areas, amount of time at workstation, and general intruder protection is all managed by the fast, intelligent security solution. The extremely high accuracy rates achieved by Senesys' Fingerprint recognition network access control is accomplished by the combination of the following features:

  • implementation of passing regimes
  • advanced database
  • unlimited size of personnel group, access points, and time/location/person sensitive presets
  • integrate-ability of additional security features

Fingerprint recognition technology and all other Biones security solutions meet and exceed industry standards in detection accuracy, durability, safety and scalability.

The integration of multiple security systems allows a reduction in security personnel work-hours and an increase in facility security. Each Senesys biometric network access control unit may have multiple security features built in including:

  • Fingerprint recognition;
  • Pin pad;
  • RFID;
  • Intercom to control center;
  • Camera;

Doors, computers, gates, and vehicles may be locked and unlocked by the system, only to be used by the appropriate personnel.

Senesys integrated solutions provide the widest and most reliable real-time security. All security features implemented in a facility are integrated to be examined from a single (or as many as wanted) terminal. A single database may be used to access and manage all facility security. The following security systems may be integrated into a single system with the access control system for a real-time real-security solution.

For further security and cost efficiency, Orwell 2k Perimeter may be integrated with additional Orwell 2k products including:

  • Orwell 2k Barrier - detection of thrown object
  • Orwell 2k Perimeter - high risk intruder and object detection
  • Orwell 2k SeaGuard - perimeter security on water for bridge, seaport and vessel safety
  • Orwell 2k City - high target traffic, real-time response and investigation solution
  • Orwell 2k LPR - license plate recognition
  • Orwell 2k Traffic - detection and identification of traffic violations
  • Orwell 2k NVR - advanced NVR system with several high quality analytics

    • RFID - Radio frequency identification cards
    • Motion, smoke, metal, and fence touch detectors

Senesys Fingerprint recognition network access control systems, like all Senesys security solutions are scalable for all client sizes and needs. A business may begin with a single terminal and as the business grows, additional terminals and security solutions may be added and integrated without the need to repurchase systems. Current scaled solutions range from securing the front door of a suburban home to Nuclear plant and Airport employee entrance.